Cornering the Market on Awesome Corned Beef

When you pass by Market House Meats in downtown Seattle, you can’t help but notice the huge signage that shouts “CORNED BEEF” in rustic but very red letters. It’s a storefront that tells a story, with descriptions of what’s inside — pastrami, beef jerky, leprechaun! (Well that last one and the Pabst Blue Ribbon sign are fake-outs).

What’s also important on the signage is the displayed date of founding. Market House Meats has been supplying the Seattle area with fantastic corned beef since 1948.

The brined meat is intensely flavored from the spices in Market House’s corning mix. The thin-sliced, well-marbled, tender brisket makes one of the finest sandwiches in Seattle — the Market House Reuben.

Market House Meats keeps true to a traditional version of the corned beef-centric Reuben. It classically comes on marbled rye from Coeur d’Alene Bakery.

Generous slices of meat are griddled with a pile of sauerkraut. The heated mix is piled on the bread with some Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

It’s served up in a paper container with a dill pickle spear, a healthy scoop of potato salad, and a chocolate chip cookie. A container of mind-blowingly pungent Beaver brand horseradish completes the sandwich scene.

Sitting down to eat inside Market House Meats takes some timing. It has just a few bench seats facing the windowfront, and the place gets thronged with lunch-bunchers around noon, and for good reason.

It’s a timeless, no b.s. place with excellent meat.

Market House Meats also serves pastrami, barbeque beef brisket and pastrami dip sandwiches.

Uncooked meats are also available for retail purchase to prepare at home, including corned beef tongue (on the must-buy list!).

– Greg Thilmont

Take an HD video look Market House Meat’s corned beef-making process and the birth of a corned beef sandwich. >>

Market House Meats
1124 Howell Street
Seattle, WA

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