Grinding Good in SLC, UT

Enjoying foods at places new and familiar in the City of Salt

Utah gets a bad rap sometimes for unremarkable and bland cuisine. It’s just not true anymore.

Driving in from seeing family in my hometown of Pocatello, ID, I first stopped at a couple of the famous fruit stands that line a highway north of SLC.

Once arriving in Utah’s capital, I definitely had to go retro with a breakfast at Lamb’s Grill, which claims to be the state’s oldest operating eatery.

I had hoped to get the old school finnan haddie, the Scottish smoked haddock hash, but the item had been cut from the menu. So I went with an old reliable, eggs Benedict.

I had a lunch at newish Copper Onion based on the rave recommends of pals. And true to the advice, this modern eatery served up banging food such as I get in Seattle. I went for a sandwich Cubano made with Kurobota pork, plus a side of fiery cowboy beans. Looking forward to heading back to that downtown joint next visit.

I also grabbed some fresh foods at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, including a basket of figs from Liberty Fresh Heights and some rustic Buckwheat’s Happy Cakes at a buddy’s concession stand.

Finally, on the way out of town headed south, I made an obligatory stop at the venerable Cotton Bottom Inn for the ski bum’s delight — the famous garlic burger.

There were so many other new and classic SLC eateries that I need to visit in the next trip to ‘Tah.

The Copper Onion on Urbanspoon

Lamb's Grill on Urbanspoon

Liberty Heights Fresh Grocery Store on Urbanspoon

Cotton Bottom Inn on Urbanspoon

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