Savoring the Mudd Honey sandwich

Seattle’s great Delicatus honors a great band


The meaty, barbecue saucey Mudd Honey sandwich at Delicatus.

One of the best sandwich spots in Seattle is Delicatus.

Located in the touristic hotspot of Pioneer Square, this attractive joint uses top notch ingredients to make a host of upscale grinders.

It’s a creative place, with quotes chalked on lofty blackboards, a la “Enjoy every sandwich. — Warren Zevon.”

They keep things cheeky with a sandwich honoring the awesome Seattle band, and a favorite of mine, Mudhoney.

The Mudd Honey is described in-house as “Underrated, but arguably the best.”

The sandwich, however, is a gift of flavor. The construction holds sliced roast beef, Zoe’s bacon, white cheddar, horseradish aioli and barbeque sauce on a toasted Italian roll.


Good life advice from Warren Zevon.

I like to side my Mudd Honey with a snappy Dry soda (also made in Seattle), with flavors like rhubarb, and a cup of their house oyster chowder.

Delicatus "A Seattle Delicatessen" on Urbanspoon

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