The Tower of Apps

“Tower Hour” apps at the Hotel Sorrento: Rabbit pâté, clams, sausage.

“Tower Hour” apps at the Hotel Sorrento: Rabbit pâté, clams, sausage.

Getting happy at the Hotel Sorrento

When I’m around First Hill in Seattle in the early evening, I often like to visit the Hunt Club in the Hotel Sorrento. The hotel itself is venerable and gorgeous inside, all wood and classical. The Hunt Club, too, is a step back into the 1920s.

The Hunt Club’s happy hour is top-notch. Recently, for a birthday treat, I went for one of the establishment’s “Hour Tower,” where you get a vertical stack of three appetizers for $18.

I went with a dish of clams in tomato/fennel broth; a grilled lamb sausage with balsamic pearl onions; and rabbit pâté with cornichon, mustard and crisp crackers.

The clams were dispatched with alacrity.

The pate was my favorite. It was served colder than I’d enjoy such a meat product at home, restaurants have food safety regulations to abide by (I asked). Still, it was some quite nice potted bunny.

Hunt Club at the Hotel Sorrento
900 Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98104

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