Volcanic bowl

Mee goreng at Satay in Seattle.

Mee goreng with a skewer of beef side at Satay in Seattle.

Lava-hot Malaysian noodles blow my top (at medium)

I can do some pretty high heat. I don’t go in for stunt spicy – no need for pain sensation-only slathers of habanero extract. One raw, clinical paste taste of the nuclear fusion that is the infamous Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) at the Fancy Foods Show satisfied my curiosity on the far overdrive right of the Scoville scale dial.

However, I hate to puss out and order mild, especially at Asian joints.

Nonetheless, a delicious but incendiary bowl of medium-level Malaysian mee goreng at Seattle’s Satay schooled me recently.

Mee goreng is a wok-cooked dish of yellow noodles, fried tofu and yu-choy (a cabbage relative of the familiar bok choi).

I sided it with a namesake skewer of beef satay.

The noodles were downright scrumptious, with a rich background that mentioned the soy sauce and sambal families of flavors. The chunks of crisped tofu were aplenty, and the yu-choy stalks fresh and toothsome. The chunks of beef satay were incredibly tender and savory. They were one of the best beef items I have tasted in the Puget Sound region.

But again, the noodles knocked my socks off. I coughed a lot. There was significant brow sweat. But I could not resist finishing the bowl. Will I go for medium again next time at Satay, rather than mild? Not sure. Authentic hot, probably not, now that I further understand Malaysian cuisine heat levels.

Satay is a small and clean establishment west of the University of Washington in the Wallingford neighborhood. It specializes in street food of the peninsula and island nation, and is has a quirky, modern graffiti-emblazoned décor.

1711 N. 45th
Seattle WA, 98103

Satay on Urbanspoon

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